G Prime LLC

Flexible Packaging Consultancy




Coatings Expertise Design, formulation, scale-up and application of water based, solvent based, solvent less and energy-curing adhesives, varnishes and functional coatings for flexible packaging. Focus on adhesion, compostability, recyclability, heat seal, gas and moisture barrier, protective properties, print receptivity, polymeric resins and functional additives.


Consultant Retained by formulators, brand owners, converters, substrate producers, resin suppliers and machinery manufacturers to develop coatings and processes for food and medical packaging. Experience in both the commercial and technical sides of the converting industry. Daily or monthly terms of engagement. 

Converting Processes Gravure coating, flexography,  overprint varnishes, primers, paper, aluminum foil, polymeric film production, metallizing, thermal lamination, solventless, solvent-based and water based adhesive lamination, extrusion coating, extrusion lamination.

Technical Support Trials, scale up, prototypes, test method development, technical reports, troubleshooting.