Business Development Market research, prospect identification, global network of materials producers, equipment suppliers, converters and brand owners. 

Coatings Expertise Design, formulation, scale-up and application of water based, solvent based, solvent less and UV-curing adhesives, varnishes and functional coatings. Focus on compostability, heat seal, gas and moisture barrier, protective properties, print receptivity, polymeric resins and functional additives.

Education Flexible packaging converting - traditional or on a digital press, thermal lamination, adhesion, gas barrier, coating formulation, converting materials, testing and processes. 


G Prime LLC

Flexible Packaging Consultancy

Converting Processes Digital printing for labels and flexible packaging, pre-laminates,  overprint varnishes, primers, paper, aluminum foil, polymeric film production, gravure coating, metallizing, thermal lamination, flexography, solventless, solvent-based and water based adhesive lamination, extrusion coating.

Technical Support Trials, scale up, prototypes, test method development, technical reports, troubleshooting.